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Unbeatable Bath Time Tips

Unbeatable Bath Time Tips

One of the scariest things for new parents is bathing a new baby. That’s because we’re all secretly terrified of a drowning or scaring our babies. The secret is out, and you don’t need to fear because you’re in good company. Every new parent goes through this fear. Here’s what you need to know to stay calm and give your baby a bath like a pro!

Get everything ready first

Before you even begin the bath, get everything ready that you’ll need for this bath. That includes the baby soap, wash cloth, and towel. Make sure it’s all within easy reach of the tub. Newborn babies need your hands on them at all times because they can’t sit up themselves so it’s imperative you have at least one hand on your baby at all times. A great way to make this easier is to get a baby bath hammock or bath sling. While you still must be right there with your baby the whole time, it will make things much easier. Also, don’t forget to ay out everything you will need after the bath like diapers, baby powder, lotion and clean clothes.

Keep the temperatures comfortable

You can reduce a lot of shrieking by keeping the air in the bathroom warm. You’ll also want to be sure the water in the tub is the right temperature. You don’t want it too hot or too cold. Between 95°F and 100°F is perfect.

Go in the same order every time

Always bathe your baby by washing the same parts in the same order every single time. If you begin by washing the hands, then begin with the hands every time. In this way, your baby will soon learn what to expect during bath time.

Keep calm and bathe on

Some babies naturally love bath time while others will need some coaxing. Regardless of whether your baby is a fan of bath time or not, make sure you talk to him about what’s going on. Narrate the entire process in a calm and steady voice. You can also sing songs about it which makes it more fun for your baby.

Don’t show your fear

Even if you are terrified, your baby will pick up on it if you show it. Be confident in your actions. For the first few baths, enlist the help of your spouse or another family member so you feel more confident in your bathing abilities.

Bath time is a great bonding experience too. And as your child gets older, you can start adding some fun bath time toys. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro at this bath time thing. Just remember, practice makes perfect!

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