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Handy Tips for Moving Your Toddler from Crib to Bed

Transition to toddler bed

Transition to Toddler Bed

There comes a point in time when you realize your baby isn’t such a baby anymore. Perhaps she’s actively trying to escape out of the crib, or maybe you’ve got to get her into a big kid bed before another baby arrives. It’s not always easy to make the transition from crib to bed with toddlers, but you can make the transition to toddler bed run a bit more smoothly with these handy tips.

1. There’s a time and a place

If big changes are already happening, it might not be the best time to spring this change on your toddler. So if you’re expecting a new baby, the time to start getting your toddler ready for a big kid bed is as soon as possible before her sibling is born to avoid feelings of displacement.

2. Talk about it

As with any big change or new thing your toddler will experience, it’s always best to talk about it before it occurs. You can read her books about it and show her big kids that are sleeping in big kid beds on her favorite cartoons or in her favorite books. The idea is to create familiarity.

3. Let her choose

Take your child along to shop for things that have to do with the new big kid bed. Show her choices of sheets and blankets in your price range and allow her to pick the ones she likes best. If she’s excited about them, she’ll be even more excited to sleep in her own big kid bed.

4. Prevent late-night escapes

When your toddler starts sleeping in a big kid bed, she’ll easily be able to get out of it on her own. And that means she’ll be coming into your room or playing in the kitchen when she shouldn’t be. To prevent this from happening, put a child safety gate at her door so that way, should she wake and start wandering around, she’ll be confined to her room.

5. Keep a routine

Don’t change a thing about your bedtime routine that you used while she was in the crib. If your nightly routine included a bath and story time, be consistent and do the same things.

6. Exercise your patience

Change is scary for kids and even when you take the steps to make it less frightening, it may be difficult for her to adjust. Be patient and loving during this time, but hold firm. It may take a week or two for her to get adjusted, but soon she’ll be sleeping in her big kid bed without a fuss.

Ready to make the change? Breathe deep and remember the challenges you’ll face will not last forever.

Hope you enjoyed reading our article and makes your child’s transition to toddler bed a lot easier. You can find some more articles for your baby here.


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