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6 Things You Can Do with Your Baby to Stimulate Brain Development

Baby's Brain Development

Stimulate Baby’s Brain Development

Your Baby’s brain development is really important from an early age. Newborn babies might not do much more than sleep, cry, poop and eat, but they still need interaction from you in order for their brains to develop. Here are 6 things you should be doing with your baby to help develop her mind and emotional capacity.

1. Tummy time

There are tons of baby mats available with different colors, textures and patterns on them. While those are certainly the best, you can still use a soft blanket on the floor. Place your baby on the mat on her tummy. Don’t ever leave her unattended. When she starts crying, she’s had enough. In the beginning, babies will only spend a few minutes doing this but after some time, she’ll be able to hold her head up on her own and enjoy being on the mat.


2. Reading

Small babies of course don’t understand much, but reading is such an essential activity. I’m always amazed when other parents don’t take the time to read to their children early on. It is so important for development. Plus, babies love to hear your voice. Add that to having pictures to look at, and your baby is loving it.


3. The look bag

Grab a bag and fill it with items from your home. Make sure these items are safe and can’t hurt your baby. Some ideas are wooden spoons, family photos, books, or stuffed animals. Pull each item out one at a time and talk about them. “Look! A spoon!”


4. Bubbles

Babies can’t resist bubbles. They love them! So blow some bubbles and enjoy laughing and popping them together.


5. Dance party

Teach your baby about good music now and get some exercise while doing it. Hold your baby carefully and dance around to the music. Babies love to be held, and the music and movement will make her happy.


6. This little piggy

Every child loves having their little toes tickled and hearing “This Little Piggy.” It makes them laugh and hearing a child’s laughter is the most soul-soothing sound of all. As they get bigger, they come to anticipate the tickling at the end and that’s what makes it so fun.


This whole world is new and exciting for your baby because she’s so new to it. Everything is an opportunity for learning, laughing, loving and growing. Look for new things in your daily life to show her. Let her touch all the safe things she can and experience as much as possible. When you do, there is no stopping her insatiable appetite for learning and development!

Hope you enjoyed our list of things to do to stimulate your baby’s brain development. You can find some more articles for your baby here.


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  1. I love this post. As a teacher, I wish more parents would consider engaging with their babies this way. we can’t overestimate the mental, emotional and psychological value of these activities. Your ideas are spot on, and don’t cost much, which is my favourite bit, being a frugal lifestyle blogger.

  2. Great list! Yes, even when we think they aren’t really “learning” because they can’t read nor respond yet, babies are actually developing and absorbing a lot in a fast speed. I did these when my kids were babies, except for the Look Bag. How did I miss that?

  3. The look bag is genius! Can’t believe I’ve never thought of this before. My daughter is always so curious when I leave shopping bags within her reach, this is a safe way to let her explore!

  4. Here is a list of memory-boosting foods that will improve your child’s brain development, and give a boost to her concentration and memory power.


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