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The Keys to Designing the Best Nursery for Your New Baby

The Keys to Designing the Best Nursery for Your New Baby

When you have a new baby on the way and an empty room to decorate, how do you begin getting everything ready for baby? There is definitely a lot to do and you’ll want it all set up before your little one arrives. Here’s how to make it happen seamlessly.

Pick a theme

Your baby’s room doesn’t need to have wall-to-wall cartoon characters on it. Sometimes, simple is the best course of action. Maybe it’s a color or pattern. Your newborn baby isn’t really going to notice your decoration skills until they are much bigger so choose something that is both functional and timeless. You won’t be updating it for several more years anyway. You can choose to reflect the gender of your baby in your theme or keep it neutral too.

Focus on the essentials

Once you’ve selected a theme, you’ll need to get the right furniture. On the most basic level, you’ll need a crib, a chair or rocker for you to sit in while nursing or rocking your baby, a dresser, and a changing table. You’ll also need a proper diaper disposal to keep the room smelling like a bathroom in a bus station. Additionally, don’t forget to bracket the dresser and changing table to the wall because when your little one begins to stand, they could pull it down on top of them.

Let your light shine

It’s one of the most overlooked things when designing a baby nursery. You should have good window treatments that allow you to block out light when necessary and let it shine through during the day. All lamps should have dimmers so you can adjust the brightness too.

Get it done

If you’re painting or using wallpaper, you want to make sure you finish this well before your baby comes home from the hospital. Stinky paint fumes are no good for anyone, especially a baby. You’ll want to arrange the furniture the way you want it and hang up any décor too. Put all those tiny clothes away and organize them so you’re ready because you’ll have your hands full when the baby arrives. And don’t forget to prepare your diaper station so there’s no fumbling around during those diaper changes.

What makes your nursery the most spectacular nursery of all will be the baby or babies you bring home to live and love in it. Focus on that and you will have the perfect baby nursery!

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