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Stay at Home Mom Struggles

Stay at home mom struggles

Are you a Stay at Home Mom?

Whether you choose to be a stay at home mom or you work a job from your home, one thing is for sure…you work harder than your husband will ever know. For moms that stay home with the kids, nothing frosts our cookies more than when our husbands or even working moms look down on us. The thing is, what we do matters, and if you think it’s so easy, by all means, come show the rest of us stay at home moms just how easy it is. We’re waiting.

1. Don’t tell us we do nothing all day

There’s no end to the things that we have to do every day. Things our husbands don’t ever know were out of place. Things working moms hire someone to do. We’re not sitting here watching TV all day. Paw Patrol for the kids does not count as Mom’s TV time, thank you. Our days begin when everyone has to get up and all day, we roll through it, pausing to pick up that sock that reminds us to throw the laundry in and then the baby needs a diaper change and the dry cleaning needs to be picked up. And the list goes on and on and on.

2. We are more than moms

We are superheroes without capes. We fix broken dolls to stop rivers of tears. We cook, clean, repair, restore order in an explosion of chaos, and wear so many other hats throughout the day.

3. It’s the most stressful unpaid position ever

Yes, it’s rewarding to be home with your kids, but if you’re not working a job from home, then no one is paying you for all the stinky diapers you change, the laundry you do, the dishes you wash, the buttons you sew back on, and all those other mundane tasks that could only be done by you.

4. We never get “me” time

How our husbands are still alive after telling us they worked all day and don’t want the kids pestering them is a mystery. If they ever tried to work from home, they wouldn’t last one second.

5. We secretly rejoice when babies sleep

Every mom loves her kids, but ask any of those moms how they feel when their kids are sleeping and you’ll get the same response. That sweet hush of angelic sleeping is a blessing we are grateful for so that we can get things done without interruptions. It’s typically the most productive hour or two in a stay at home mom’s day.

6. We’re always on high alert

While a quiet house while kids are napping is definitely a wonderful sound, the opposite is true for when the kids are awake. If they’re too quiet, you can guarantee they’re destroying something you love. Better run upstairs to check it out before it’s too late!

Are you a stay at home mom too? Tell us what you’d add to this list!

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  1. I agree with this. I have a 3 and half months old baby and I don’t get much time for myself. On some days I don’t even shower. We do more for sure!

    I blog over at Ladies Make Money Online

  2. Ugh, so true!! My 2 year old has started waking up earlier and his naps went from 3 hours to 1.5 this week — I am barely getting anything done because he super active and getting into everything when he is awake. It has been a struggle finding a new routine, and I for sure wish I was getting paid for it!

  3. yeah! This is so true. as a work at home mom. We don’t always see our own needs but the most important are the needs of our kids and our family. Busy mom busy every day…this is our joy and choice …

  4. I would tell husbands to be good about helping out when they’re home. Just do stuff, don’t wait to be asked or told.

  5. I was for 11 years. I got so depressed because things seemed to run in slow motion. The dishes done a lot of time, but tons of dishes piled up and I would do the dishes but never seem to get them all done. Loads of laundry. These days I work 2nd shift, I still do dishes daily. I need to purge them. We have way to many. Dear hubby helps with laundry. I do a load a day which has been helping. WE still have tons of stuff lying around that need to be sorted through. I do so much then get tired or going though stuff.

  6. Every type of mom has its challenges. I have so much respect for stay at home moms. It would take a lot of patience and energy!

  7. Yes , especially number five!!!! I nap time is my favorite time ?

  8. I am new to the SAHM Team but it is defintely a love/hate job for me. By reading this post you read my entrie life. I will never understand why anyone would speak on what we do as SAHM, especially if they’ve never done it. I actually did a podcast episode on how to transition into a stay at home mom from a working mom. But after a few comments I’ve seen from social media I am definitely going to say my opinion on this matter. Great article!

  9. One stay-at-home-mom struggle is trying to get over the negative self-talk. If the mom is not tough enough, she will go crazy!


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