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Save for your child’s education – School Days

Save for your child’s education – School Days

Making the most of the school days app.

When your child goes to school each day, he or she makes the most of school days by learning and playing. But parents, grandparents, other relatives and family friends can also make the most of school days by contributing to School Days by doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.

School Days is a fantastic program and app that you can use to raise more funding for your child’s school. It allows you to build up a bursary to cover your child’s school fees simply by converting what you would spend on your monthly shopping to prepaid education.

There’s no additional cost either. School Days works by allowing you to shop at the retailers you normally shop from. When you checkout, you show your School Days card and they’ll drop a bit of it into your bursary with School Days. What makes this program so fantastic is that other people can be added to your bursary to help you grow it. That means every time the grandparents shop, they can contribute to your child’s bursary too.

Aunts, uncles, cousins, even friends can also contribute, and that all adds up to a big bursary for your child. Since they don’t have to pay anything, it’s easy for them to agree to help further your child’s education by doing what they would do normally on any given day.

Some of the contributors are BP, Sony, Hertz, Holiday Inn, Radisson, Apple, and Samsung, but there are plenty more. Think of how many times you need to stop to fuel up the car. Now think of your family and friends who do the same. Just by filling up your tank, you can add a lot of money to your child’s bursary. The same goes for things like groceries, home-wares, health and well-being purchases, travel expenditures, banking, and even your home loan!

School fees can be kept under control by using School Days. It’s a wonderful way to make the money you spend work for you to help pay for your child’s schooling from the younger years all the way through college or university. There’s no need to change your current shopping habits. Just shop as you normally do and you’ll start saving money for your child’s future with School Days.

If you want to find out more about this fantastic program, visit the School Days website to see the full list of participating partners and get signed up. Remember, it’s free so why not start harnessing your spending to pay for your child’s education now and in the future?

You can download the schooldays app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/school-days/id998177668?mt=8 for IOS and https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.SchoolPublic&hl=en for Android.

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