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How to Get Your Daughter’s Ears Pierced

Kids Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing for Kids Proper Protocol

Anywhere you go, you’ll find plenty of parents that think getting their daughters’ ears pierced as babies is the best way. You’ll also find just as many that want to wait until their daughters are old enough to handle the responsibility of taking care of the piercing. There is no right and wrong as far as timing goes, although pediatricians do advise waiting until 6 months or older for immunity reasons. 

If you’re wondering about piercing your daughter’s ears, take the following things into consideration first. 

Managing pain

If you have any of your own piercings, you’ll know that it hurts. Your daughter needs to know that too. With older children, it is much easier to talk to them about the pain and prepare them. With children of any age though, you can use ice to numb the area prior to the piercing. 

Choose a reputable piercing place

Don’t just walk into the first place you see. Ask other parents where they had their daughters’ ears pierced. Once you find a place that comes highly recommended, talk to the person who will perform the piercing. Are they experienced? Is it sanitary there? Make sure you get the right answers before allowing them to pierce your daughter’s ears.

After piercing care

With older girls, it’s a lot easier to show them how to keep their piercings clean. With younger girls, you’ll need to do it yourself. Before cleaning the piercing, hands must be washed. Then the front and back of the earrings need to be cleaned using a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol. The earrings should also be turned in circles as well as slid back and forth to keep the piercing from closing up. Tempting as it is, don’t take out the earrings for at least 6 weeks to avoid having the holes close up. 

Lookout for infections

With proper care, your daughter’s ears should be just fine. But if you notice the earlobes turning red, swelling up, or oozing with pus, you should contact your child’s pediatrician to determine if it’s infected or the result of an allergic reaction. If it’s an allergic reaction, simply switching the type of earrings will solve the problem. For infections, antibiotics will likely be prescribed.

Teach your daughter how to care for her piercings properly and you will be less likely to have any troubles. You can also use earrings as a splendid reward for good behavior when your daughter makes good grades in school or behaves well. Like you need a reason to go off on a shopping trip!

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