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Why Moms Are Being Warned About Vaginal Seeding

Vaginal Seeding

Have you heard about the latest birthing trend called Vaginal Seeding?

Experts are warning parents that they should avoid it at all cost but moms are doing it anyway. All my kids was born via a cesarean section and they are healthy and happy so I am not sure why some moms choose to do this when they might be putting their newborn at risk.

There is no evidence supporting the potential long-term benefits that Vaginal Seeding claims to have.

What is Vaginal Seeding?

Vaginal Seeding otherwise known as microbirthing is the latest trend in childbirth practice and occurs when a newborn c-section baby gets swabbed with their mother’s vaginal fluid.

The idea is that by rubbing the fluid on the baby’s face, eyes and skin, it will introduce the baby to the same range of beneficial bacteria a baby born vaginally would be exposed to while traveling down the birth canal.

Babies born naturally (vaginally) are exposed to bacteria known as microbiota.This is beneficial to the baby when they travel down the birth canal but when a baby is born via a c-section the baby misses out on some of this natural goodness.

The idea is that vaginal seeding allows a baby born via c-section to come into contact with bacteria from the mothers birth canal. The hope is this may boost their gut bacteria and reduce the risk of conditions such as allergies or obesity.

Microbiota is said to be still measurable months and possible even years after birth.

Is Vaginal Seeding Safe?

Unfortunately, there are no evidence to show whether vaginal seeding is safe and if it makes a positive difference to the baby.

Parents are being warned as doctors have raised concerns about the dangers of vaginal seeding, because of the risk of spreading infection.

Until there is any hard evidence, it will be up to the mom to decide what’s best for them and their babies and for midwives and doctors to support their decisions.

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