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How to Survive Baby’s 1st Cold

How to Survive Baby’s 1st Cold

Unfortunately, you can’t thwart away every germ your baby comes in contact with. Eventually, you’ll find yourself the worried mom of a baby with a cold. While we can take precautions to prevent our babies from catching a cold, there will still be germs that will affect them. Babies can’t take medicine so sleepless nights are on the agenda, however there are some things you can do to help your baby recover more quickly.

Make use of steam

Humidifiers are excellent for when there is illness in the home. It will help unclog stuffy noses. Showers are another superb way of replicating the effects of a humidifier. Simply use it to steam up your bathroom and then sit in there for 10 to 15 minutes with your baby. Read some stories to pass the time and it will be much more enjoyable for everyone.

Breast feed

Breastfeeding has been shown to help babies stay healthier because it passes along antibodies through your breast milk. Those will help your baby feel better more quickly, plus nursing is soothing to your baby which will likely help him get more rest.

Change angles

If you place an extra pillow underneath the mattress of the baby’s crib, it will provide elevation for his head as he sleeps. This slight angle will help any nasal drip from causes irritations in the throat.

Use a nose cleaner

Nose cleaners can be a huge help in clearing out your baby’s nose. Some designs are better than others. Look for ones that aren’t prone to developing mold and this wonderful little tool can help give your baby instant breathing relief.

Give a warm, soothing bath

Baths are relaxing on any given day, but when you’re sick, they’re amazing. Babies think so too. Aside from cleansing your baby’s skin from germs, the warmth of the water helps clear out congestion.

Don’t freak out

Babies might not be able to speak but they are very intuitive. They can sense when you are upset. If they feel as though you’re coming undone, it’s going to cause them to feel more frightened. Stay calm and collected as you care for your baby. If a fever develops or symptoms worsen, call the pediatrician for expert advice on what to do next.

No one can ever get through life without getting ill. Babies are more susceptible to colds because their immunity is still developing. So when your baby does get sick, just remember that this cold is helping them to strengthen their immunity.

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