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Caring for Your Baby’s First Teeth

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How to Care for Your Baby’s Teeth

The day your baby’s first tooth appears, you’ll be rejoicing and crying all at once. It’s a special time that will suddenly give way to a mouth full of teeth in the blink of an eye. But as your baby’s teeth start coming in, it’s important that you properly care for them so your child doesn’t wind up cavities or tooth decay.

Keep your baby’s teeth in good health with these tips:

1. Begin by cleaning the gums

Dentists advice parents to take a warm, wet, clean washcloth and wipe your baby’s gums with it daily. It helps protect the teeth underneath and removes residue from breast milk, formula, or food.

2. Start caring for teeth as soon as they appear

It doesn’t matter if your baby only has one tooth. You must clean it daily with a soft toothbrush designed for babies. While it’s true baby teeth fall out, if your baby develops gingivitis, it can cause problems for the spacing of all those permanent teeth that will one day take its place.

3. Seek out toothpaste for babies

Check the baby section of your local supermarket and you’ll find toothpaste that is safe for babies. They make it for ages 2 and under so be sure the label says this before buying.

4. Don’t give bottles before bed

Letting your baby have juice or formula before bedtime is a bad habit you should break. Sugars can remain on their teeth the entire night, leading to cavities. If you must nurse or give formula, brush their baby teeth immediately after.

5. Let them drink water

Babies shouldn’t have anything but breast milk or formula until they begin eating solids around the age of 6 months. When they start eating solids though, encourage the drinking of water, particularly after eating. It helps wash down any bits of food which means it will be less likely to ruin your baby’s teeth.

6. Form proper dental habits

Demonstrate good dental habits by showing your child how to brush. Make sure your child sees you brush and floss. By doing this, they will copy you and in turn, practice good dental care. You’ll have to brush your child’s teeth for them for a while, but when they express an interest, allow them to try it themselves. Your smile is what lights up the world. Show your children that one of the best assets anyone can ever have is a healthy smile by helping them to care for their teeth.

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