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How to be a Happier Mom

How to be a Happier Mom

You’re the one that does everything. From the moment the sun rises, you’re at it, making breakfast and packing school lunches. It’s you who schedules everything from doctor’s appointments to play dates. It’s you who cooks and cleans. You may even work outside of the home on top of all this too. And at the end of the day, when you finally have 5 minutes to yourself, you sit down and you realize you’re surrounded by a cloud of unhappiness.

When we’re not happy, it makes it hard for us to be there for those who need us most – our children. If you want them to grow up into happy adults, you’ll need to fill your cup back up so you can pour them your happiness every day. Here’s how to get yourself out of that unhappy funk.

Don’t compare

Social media is not reality. Problems in your marriage? Scrolling through your Facebook feed to see your happily married friends getting along may make you feel worse, but no one truly knows what’s going on under the surface. It’s all an image people project of their best selves. So those other moms that look like everything is perfect and they’ve got life dialed in might just be going through those same things you are. Stop focusing on others and start focusing on yourself.

Do something by yourself

And speaking of yourself, take 30 minutes a day to do something alone. Even if you take a bubble bath, read a book, take a walk, or get a manicure, it’s important to have this time to just be yourself. Don’t feel selfish for doing it either. As soon as you start taking those moments to yourself, you’ll begin to feel loads happier.

Don’t forget who you are

Just because you got married and had kids doesn’t mean you no longer exist. Sure, you’re a wife and mother now, but you’re still the same person underneath it. Nurture that person. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle when you’re shuttling everyone to and from practices, so get yourself out of there and explore the things you enjoy again, whether it’s painting, writing, sports, or some other hobby that fulfills you.

Let go of the guilt

You are a warrior and you deserve to be celebrated. Don’t feel guilty for wanting to take time out for yourself. It’s the only way to repair the emptiness you feel. Going on this way, even if you eat healthfully and exercise, it will bring negativity to your body. Release it and embrace the wonderful person that you are!

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