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Encourage Independence in Your Kids with these 5 Phrases

Encourage Independence in Your Kids with these 5 Phrases

Raising our kids right is important because one day, they’ll need to know how to take care of themselves. In order for them to know that though, we need to give them the tools they need now to grow into independent and strong people that can do things on their own. If you love your child, help her become a confident adult by encouraging her. Say these things to your child to help her reach for the stars.

1. “Go ahead. Give it a try.”

Everyone gets scared about taking a new try on something. That’s because we all secretly worry we won’t be any good. But taking risks is important. Help them forget their fear by showing them how to do it and then letting them take a try. Don’t hover, but do stay nearby to show support or to answer any questions. You want your child to learn how to persevere through difficulties as well as see that hard work really does pay off in the end.

2. “Try as many times as you need to.”

Kids often throw in the towel well before they really give something a try. We must teach them that most things in life require plenty of hard work. Tell them it’s ok to not get it right the first time or even the twentieth time. Persistence pays off and if they keep at it, they can make it happen.

3. “You do it.”

Many parents make the mistake of doing everything for their children. Have them do it themselves instead. If you know your child can open her own juice box herself, have her do it. Don’t give in. You want your child to feel independent and capable.

4. “What will happen?”

While you read to your kids or watch a show together, ask them what they think will happen next. In this way, you’re engaging their little minds instead of passively zoning out. You want them to think about the possibilities of what could happen because when things happen in real life, they will begin to think about those possibilities as well.

5. “What do you think is a better option?”

This is the question you should ask your child when he misbehaves. Is his screaming and crying going to get him what he wants? It shouldn’t and that’s the message you need to be sending him. Remind him that he should calm down and do things the right way to get the results he desires.

Encouraging your children to be critical thinkers that can work through challenges and brave the roughest storms in life is so important. They won’t win every time, and that’s ok. That’s life, and they will learn from the experiences they have. In this way, you can be sure that they will achieve the great things they were designed to do.


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