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Dangerous Baby Products You Shouldn’t Use

dangerous baby products

Dangerous Baby Products

There are so many baby products out there. But what most new parents don’t know is that you don’t need everything out there. They also don’t know that some of the products available for babies are dangerous baby products and should never be used. Here are the some of the dangerous baby products you should never ever use!

1. Changing tables that have less than four sides

It should go without saying that you shouldn’t ever leave your child on a changing table unattended. But if you have a changing table that has less than four sides, that’s beyond dangerous. Many experts agree that changing tables really aren’t a necessity anyway and urge parents to use a changing mat on the floor for the safest diaper changing procedure.

2. Easy-to-topple furniture

Sadly, between 2000 and 2008 nearly 200 children ages 5 and under died because of unsecured furniture. When buying furniture, choose pieces that are large, heavy and wide-based which will make them much more difficult to topple over. As an extra precaution, before your baby can even crawl, bolt furniture that poses a danger for tipping to the wall. Dressers, nightstands, bookcases, and TV stands are the most common culprits that can easy topple over when a small child tries to climb it.

3. Drop-side cribs

Because drop-side cribs are so dangerous, new restrictions were issued to make cribs safer. Drop-side cribs can suffocate or strangle your baby should the moveable side drop down at the wrong time. Make sure you use a new crib that has fixed sides and is very basic which will eliminate the potential for disaster.

4. Crib bumpers

Some parents were worried their babies would hurt their heads on the slats of the crib. So they made crib bumpers. But these pose a far greater danger to your baby than the crib slats. They can suffocate your baby and they might be responsible for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Don’t ever use these!

5. Baby bath seats

Perhaps the most horrifyingly unsafe baby product of all time, the baby bath seat is something you must never use. Parents think it’s safer bathing their baby with one but these things can tip over in an instant, which can result in your baby drowning. An easier way to bathe a small baby is to buy a hard plastic bathtub for babies. Just remember that however you bathe your baby, you should never leave him unattended in the tub and never stray more than an arm reach away.

Make sure when you shop for your baby or create your registry to never include these dangerous baby products items. Keep your baby safe and watch out for products that can cause more harm than good!

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