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Post-Baby Weight Loss Tips That Work

How to lose weight after a baby Being a mom is a very rewarding experience. We love our little ones and cherish them. But there comes a time after having that baby when you look in the mirror and wish you had your old pre-baby body back. Here are 7 tips to help you get back in shape after baby!  1. Don’t diet This is especially important if you’re breastfeeding, but even if you aren’t, it’s so important for your body to get the nutrition it needs. Don’t deprive your body of food or else it will start storing fat because it will think its starving. Just aim to eat healthfully most of the time.   2. Add superfoods to your diet When eating more healthfully, make sure you’re incorporating superfoods into your daily intake. Things like berries, fresh fish, and kale all pack a powerful punch of ...

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